iPad eInspect now replaced with Inspector by HappyCo

HappyCo   AngelCo Screens 01 small - eInspect
The eInspect app has now been discontinued. All Harcourts staff are now offered a free trial of the Inspector app by HappyCo, the team behind the original version of eInspect. Visit https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/inspector-by-happyco/id981301626?mt=8 to see more information and screenshots about the Inspector app, which you can use on both iPad and iPhone, as well as via a Web portal on your computer. Or watch a video about Inspector.
HappyCo   AngelCo Screens 02 - eInspect
HappyCo   AngelCo Screens 03 - eInspect
HappyCo   AngelCo Screens 05 - eInspect
HappyCo   AngelCo Screens 06 - eInspect

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