Should I sell my Palm Springs Home or Wait Until The Economy Recovers?

If you had plans to sell your Palm Springs property a couple of years ago, chances are the coronavirus blindsided you and upended your plans. So now you find yourself wondering whether you should go through with selling, and exactly when to move forward.

Many property owners who are looking to sell before the pandemic are currently stuck. Some of them are hoping that the coming months will see a huge recovery. But not all sellers are able to hedge their bets. Many sellers will incur a hit if they take a wait-and-see strategy. Others are forced into selling because of a growing family or a job relocation.

Fortunately, many property owners continued selling houses during the pandemic even though the real estate industry looks a lot different than it used to. The effects of the virus are still felt by people and the economy, and many are still waiting for the proverbial go signal to bring out the “For Sale” sign.

Start Listing Your Property Before Values Drop

Most people believe that Covid-19 affected industries swiftly the same way it did stocks, but housing seemed stable for the short term. The sever supply shortage managed to prop up home prices while other markets experienced a lull. The overall effect, at least for March 2020, was the reduction of number of homes being sold while the median listing prices saw an uptick.

Of course, it will only be a matter of time before the market corrects itself and the real estate prices start to go back to normal levels. So there is a brief window of opportunity for property owners to sell their Palm Springs real estate for the best prices they can get in the market.

Just keep in mind that some homes will be easier to sell in the current environment. You should always contact a trusted real estate firm like Harcourts Desert Homes so that you can get an idea on how likely your property will sell in the current market.

One of the key factors that will affect the sellability of a property during and post-pandemic is the price point. This is why it is crucial that you talk to Harcourts. Different price points will have different success rates of being sold, and your best chance at making a sale involves finding the right buyers. Harcourts Desert Homes’ Real Estate Auction platform is exactly what’s needed to facilitate this.

Contact us now and we’ll have one of our Real Estate Agents explain the process. We are always ready to answer your questions and concerns.

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