Are Real Estate Auctions Better Than Traditional Listings?

Do you have a property that you need to sell fast, but you don’t want to sell it for a vastly reduced price? Then traditional listings might not be the best venue for your listing. Instead, you should consider a real estate auction platform from Harcourts Desert Homes.

Unlike traditional listings, you are not at the mercy of random prospects. You have better picks because Harcourts Desert Homes preselects and prescreens the bidders. We only pick the cream of the crop, to ensure that only those who are truly interested and those that are willing to give you a good price are even allowed to participate.

This gives you a number of advantages – first is that you save a lot of time and effort, because you are no longer wasting time and resources giving tours and entertaining people who are not really interested. You also won’t have to deal with lowballers.  You can ensure that your property gets sold at a fair price, and that’s the worst case scenario. It’s very common for properties on auction to get sold for much higher prices than expected.

You also get a much better chance of selling your property for the highest price possible. The auction platform allows you to set a reserve price, which means that you can specify a minimum price that you are willing to accept. This ensures that you get the highest price possible.

You also get to choose the date and time of the auction. This gives you a lot more control over the timing of the auction. You can choose to have the auction on a weekend or during the week. You can also choose to have it at a specific time of day, such as at 9am or 3pm.

In fact, you will be glad to know that real estate auctions are actually much better than traditional listings when it comes to selling property. Both in terms of how fast they sell, and with the prices that they are sold for. Many of our previous clients are surprised that their properties got sold for prices that are much higher than they expected. And they got sold way sooner than they expected.

So if you have a property to sell, don’t waste your time with traditional listings. Call Harcourts Desert Homes now and see if you can go with a real estate auction instead. Our agents are always available and ready to answer all of your questions.

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