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5 Reasons Why Californians Choose Palm Springs

If you are looking for events and activities, there is never a shortage of things to do in Palm Springs. Apart from environmental benefits, the desert city also has quite a lot to offer businesses as well with more than two hundred acres of land designated just on the downtown area alone. The vintage architecture makes for some stunning pictures and – if that isn’t enough – it has one of the largest hotels situated right here in this city so whether you’re in the mood for checking out golf courses or hearing some famous bands set up camp here, you’ll be happy to know that there is something for everyone!

You’ve seen the evening news and online newspapers showing that Palm Springs is a great place to live, but how does it really stack up compared to other cities in California? As the leading Palm Springs real estate team, here are 5 reasons why many Californians choose Palm Springs for their next move.

1. Location and Accessibility

Palm Springs is found just off of Interstate 10 – which happens to be the southernmost cross-country highway in America. It’s extremely easy to get to our city and this makes it an excellent destination for those entering the country from the west coast (just over an hour flight from San Francisco or a little over 2 hours drive from LA & San Diego)! Once you arrive at Palm Springs International Airport, numerous direct flights are available across the USA with various airlines including Delta, American Airlines, United Airlines, and Allegiant Air. With approximately a dozen different airlines operating in our region – now is as easy as ever before to get yourself down for a visit!

The Palms Springs International Airport is located about 10 miles away from central Palm Springs. It is independently run by the city so they do not charge landing fees and only require a $3 user fee from every traveler. As for travelers going to Palm Springs, most major airlines fly into this airport, but the most common carriers are Delta and United Airlines. To help with transportation to your future destination, you can use Google Maps for driving directions or ask a taxi driver for help if needed.

2. Summer All Year Round

One of the first things our residents care about when researching a move to Palm Springs is whether or not they’ll be getting enough sun and warmth for their liking. So we thought it would only make sense to provide that information both right here and in other places on our website as well, like on our Weather page. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about sunshine and rain such as average rainfall amounts, typical seasonal weather conditions like monsoon storms which can bring heavy rains at times during the summer months, and projected temperature ranges as well as some information about how each type of weather pattern affects the desert environment.

San Francisco is known to be quite foggy at times, but Palm Springs doesn’t get any! In fact, our area registers just 6 inches of precipitation per year. San Franciscans, on the other hand, deals with around 22 inches of rain annually as well as about 12 inches of snow. It’s no wonder many of our new residents hail from these damp and chilly states.

When it comes to sun, Palm Springs is rivaled only by a handful of destinations in the American southwest – our climate is actually home to about 350 days of yearly sunshine. That’s pretty impressive when you consider that San Diego has about 242 estimated days of UV rays, Las Vegas gets to enjoy 243, and Phoenix, Arizona settles for a measly 222!

3. Perfect Nature and Art

Is there a place you’ve been dreaming of going to see for a long time? Maybe you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and take a trip to another country and get in touch with the local culture. Or perhaps your life would be enriched by learning more about wildlife, nature, natural landscapes, or historical architecture. These are all things that Palm Springs has to offer and much more!

Whether you’re a lover of modern architecture or striking geographic formations, Palm Springs has something to offer everyone. With Modernism Week in its sixth year and the largest concentration of the mid-century modern design in the country, Palm Springs is all about breaking away from traditional norms when it comes to both enjoying nature and appreciating art. As well as home to some of the most impressive and spacious desert landscapes you’ll ever see; it’s also got plenty to offer once the day is done.

4. For the Active and the Quiet

Do you enjoy spending weekends at the museum? Or perhaps a BBQ in the backyard? A leisurely shopping trip at the local mall for new shoes? Biking to class along scenic trails? The beach in summer or skiing in winter? It doesn’t matter if you prefer an active lifestyle or a good old-fashioned lazy day – there is something for everyone here in Palm Springs.

Whether you like to get out and be active or prefer a quiet time for yourself, Palm Springs has plenty to keep you busy. Whether you’re into hiking, skiing, boating, or shopping, there is something for you. You can do anything from enjoying a Sunday brunch on the patio of one of the many restaurants or getting in a game of golf at one of the many world-class courses. For the more active, there are many hiking trails, bike paths, horseback riding, rock climbing, and river rafting. If you’re looking for a little relaxation, you can do that too! Book yourself a pedicure or facial, and enjoy some time at the spa. There are even a few spas that also offer body treatments. Whatever you would like to do, Palm Springs has it!

5. Golf!

In Palm Springs, golf courses are everywhere you look! With more than 100 courses in this desert city, golfers from all over flock here for a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery and challenging holes that sunny southern California has to offer. One of the most historic courses is Indian Canyons Golf Resort; a favorite of Hollywood icons like Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Bob Hope, and Walt Disney; as well as politicians like Lyndon B. Johnson and Gerald Ford. It offers two completely different types of courses – north and south – which surround picturesque mountains providing just the right amount of breeze for your round so you can get that perfect swing down.

This year in Palm Springs, there has been a huge jump in the housing market. Some estimates say that the market has grown by a whopping 33%. Experts have cited many reasons for this crazy boom. For one, the weather is absolutely amazing.

The housing market in Palm Springs is soaring faster than ever before. Home prices have exponentially gone up in the last few months, and they don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. If you’re looking to get into the market, now is the time. With prices starting at about $200,000 for a small bungalow, it’s a great time to buy! Let our professional real estate consultants at Harcourts help you find the perfect desert home for you in the beautiful Palm Springs!